Board of Directors

2015-16 Executive Board

President: Pauline Williams
Vice President: Myriam Del Angel-Miranda
Treasurer: Suzanne Luzzi
Secretary: Jessica Engelking

2015-16 Board of Directors 

  • Ted Christians
  • Rebecca Horrighs
  • Guadalupe Lopez


Executive Board position descriptions


  • Partner with STEM Principal and staff
  • Organize, plan and set priorities for the benefit of STEM School
  • Recruit, manage, motivate and retain volunteers
  • Welcome a diverse and inclusive group of members, volunteers and leaders
  • Run effective programs
  • Manage money and raise funds
  • Support membership growth and retention
  • Run effective meetings
  • Ensure all voices are heard through effective use of parliamentary procedure

Vice President

  • Assume responsibility for duties designated by the president
  • Represent the president in his or her absence or upon request
  • Correspondence, including incoming and outgoing communications with parents via email


  • Ensure that the FOS financial records are reviewed according to the bylaws
  • Ensure authorized signatures are on file at the bank for financial transactions
  • Collect all money from persons delegated to collect or to raise funds during a FOS activity, and providing a written receipt for those funds
  • Promptly deposit all money in the name of FOS in a bank account approved by the board
  • Maintain an accurate record of all receipts and disbursements
  • Obtain authorization from the board before writing a check or spending money
  • Remit, by check, all authorized bills and statements as prescribed in the bylaws
  • Submit a written financial statement at each board meeting and at each general membership meeting
  • Chair the Budget Committee and preparing the annual budget as prescribed in bylaws
  • Report income and expenses as compared with the budget
  • Ensure an audit, financial review or compilation is done in accordance with the bylaws, state requirements, and the FOS business practice
  • Prepare an annual report to be used to review FOS financial records
  • Ensure filings to the IRS


  • Responsible for keeping an accurate record of the proceedings of meetings
  • Works with the president to create agendas
  • Sends out the agenda and any pertinent documents necessary prior to the meeting, including the draft of the minutes of the previous meeting
  • Takes attendance (by voice vote or sign-in sheet)
  • Checks for quorum
  • Presents the draft of the minutes of the previous meeting
  • Takes minutes
  • Counts votes
  • Tracks motions and documents
  • Ensures the approved minutes are included in the permanent record of FOS
  • Provides minutes to Corresponding Secretary 2 days after meeting

Corresponding Secretary

  • Assists Secretary
  • Posts all minutes to FOS website 5 days after meeting, per bylaws
  • Manages FOS social network (Website, Facebook, Twitter, etc.) – advertise at least 7 days prior to meeting/event
  • Creates marketing materials


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