Indigenous Peoples’ Day Challenge

Hey STEM students! Looking for something to do for Indigenous Peoples’ Day? FOS has an idea to challenge your creativity… Build a Native Shelter model!

FOS will be awarding $25 gift cards to Amazon for each of the top three submissions as voted for by the FOS Board.

Here is what you need to do:

  1. Get inspired.
    Do a little research to see what types of structures local natives once made in our
    area of the country.
  2. Native shelters were made from natural resources.
    What natural resources can you use to build your model? Models must be made
    from only materials found in nature like sticks, stones, shells, reeds, leaves,
    grasses, and mud, for instance.
  3. Your model must have a few features:
    Your model must support itself.
    Make sure you include two doors.
    Make sure your model keeps out wind and water.
    Make sure you include a space inside for a firepit (for cooking and warmth) and a way to let smoke out.
  4. The size of your model must fit on a 12”x18” board. It can be smaller, but not bigger.
  5. Include a brief description of what materials you used and if your model is based on a
    traditional shelter type that you researched.
  6. Images + descriptions of your model should be emailed to no later than 5pm on Sunday, October 18th .

Friends of STEM will post images of the submissions on our website along with the top three prize-winners.

Good luck and have fun!