Facebook Groups for Parents

Facebook Groups have been created by parents to help open the lines of communication. They are great for asking about homework clarification, getting play dates together, finding a replacement chaperone if you’ve signed up for a field trip but now you can’t make it… you name it – it takes a village and this is where you can find help! Facebook Groups have been organized by the year your child will graduate 8th Grade. Most of these groups are private so you may need to answer some questions to show you are a STEM Magnet Academy parent. Join by clicking the link below:

STEM 2021 (if your child is in 8th grade this year)
STEM 2022 (if your child is in 7th grade this year)
STEM 2023 (if your child is in 6th grade this year)
STEM 2024 (if your child is in 5th grade this year)
STEM 2025 (if your child is in 4th grade this year)
STEM 2026 (if your child is in 3rd grade this year)
STEM 2027 (if your child is in 2nd grade this year)
STEM 2028 (if your child is in 1st grade this year)
STEM 2029 (if your child is in Kindergarten this year)

Facebook page for STEM Magnet Academy
Facebook page for Friends of STEM