Homeroom Wars

Every student at STEM Magnet Academy, who has worked hard and is ready to have a little FUN, with fellow classmates, as the school year comes to an end.

It’s a fundraising war! Ask your friends, family, and neighbors to donate. They can donate online at https://go.rallyup.com/friends-of-stem or text FOS2019 to 855-202-2100 to donate directly. They can also send you to school with cash or checks made payable to Friends of STEM.

Each homeroom that collectively raises enough funds, will earn a reward, which they decide on together. Each student in that homeroom, who raises a minimum donation will earn a pass to participate in the reward activity.

There are 3 possible reward venues: Fleetwood Roller Skating Rink, Fifth Third Arena or Altitude Trampoline Park.

The fundraiser will take place from Tuesday May 21st through Tuesday May 28th. The results will be announced Wednesday May 29th at the end of the school day. The rewarded event dates will be announced after the results are in.

You’ve earned it! The school year is almost over and we know everyone just wants to have FUN. Plus, the funds raised will be used to buy new SmartTVs for STEM classrooms for next year! That’s right, have fun now and benefit again next year. Now that’s awesome!