Hello STEM families!  The Friends of STEM Board is happy to join you and your STEM students as we begin our 2020-2021 school year journey together.  This school year promises to bring unique challenges to us all.  From e-learning and remote classrooms, our STEM community looks and feels very different than it ever has before.  But many things remain unchanged.  STEM’s teachers remain dedicated to their students, developing and using new skills to keep our kids engaged and learning.  STEM’s staff remain at-the-ready to assist our families navigate these unchartered waters.  STEM’s families remain steadfast in our dedication to our kids and our school.  We all want STEM’s scholars to succeed.

FOS remains as well.  We are here and working to craft ways to cultivate community despite our social distance and physical remoteness.  Please take some time and poke around into the many new corners of our website and come back often.  We want to hear from our families and students.  Let’s take this opportunity to use unique challenges to fuel our creative spirits and bind us together in ways that previous years did not.  Let’s not fear these winds of adversity; for a kite rises against the wind rather than with it.”